5 Best Sex Toys for All

Life demands a lot from us every day and we simply don’t have time for the most important things in life, i.e. sex and pleasure. Sex does not come often, especially to single people and even if you have a partner, the busy schedule takes the best moments from you. So, what you should do to overcome sexual tensions? Obviously, you can’t use your hands and fingers all the time. There is a better option out there in the form of sex toys.

Sex toys are available for men, women, lesbians, gay as well as the people in question. Some of you may already have some common sex toys such as - Dildos, flashlights, and vibrators. If you are kinky, you might also have some butt plugs in the closet. If you think there is room for more sex toys than today is your lucky day. Because we are going to witness some next-level sex toys, which are better than your regular sex toys. Here are our top five picks -

#1 - Vibrating Panties and Lace Shorts

Men just love to see a woman in seductive shorts and panties, and because men love to see, women wear them with passion. You can make things a little more exciting with built-in vibrators. Amazing, right! And it even gets better with the remote control. Now, suppose, you are in the bedroom with your partner and suddenly your partner pushed the right buttons on the remote control. How cool is that? Even when your partner is not with you, he/she can control the rhythm and vibrations from a distance.

#2 - Play with Rabbit Vibrators

When we hear about rabbit vibrators, our first thought is - “what they would be like?” If you haven’t seen or used rabbit vibrators, you are in for a treat. These amazing bad boys can perform stimulation for both clit and vagina simultaneously. The fun doesn’t stop there. Rabbit vibrators come with different settings/modes for speed and vibrations. You can set it as per your pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a partner, this thing always works.

#3 - Oh Cock Rings

If you love edge play, cocks rings are for you. They not only allow men to stay longer in the act but also keep the orgasm in control by stooping the blood circulation. Cock rings are also known as penis rings and are among the popular toy in bondage plays. These rings simply stop the blood flow in the penis which allows the men to keep a hard-on for a longer time. The application of cock rings is simple; all you have to do is apply the cock ring on your penis before erection. However, don’t forget to lube it properly before you put it on. Once you get a hard-on the rings tighten on the shaft that enables long-lasting intercourse.

#4 - Step on with Strap-ons

Strapons are two-piece set that includes a harness and a dildo. It is up to you and your partner how long and thick the dildo would be. This toy can be used on and by both male and female. Strap-ons are a great product for girl-on-girl and girl-on-male sexual activities.

The strapon has a dildo with a flat base attached to the harness. You can attach the harness with the dildo and once everything is set bang your partner either in doggy or missionary style.

#5 - Quick Hard-on with Penis Pumps

There is common thinking that with age men loses the ability to get a hard-on. It may be true sometimes, but not always. Sometimes you are just having problems with erection and you can cure it with the penis pumps. They are brilliant devices that can make your cock hard in just a few moments. With the acquired hard-on, you can pleasure your partner the way you used to.

Penis Pumps comprise of a tube and a handle (no handle if its battery operated. You can just put your cock inside and in a matter of time; the vacuum inside the tube will give you a hard-on.

So, these are the top six amazing sex toys that you must own. We hope you find our picks worth reading. Add these toys to your collection because you can’t miss the fun they provide. Don’t be exempt from the pleasure and include sexy toys in the mix to enhance your overall sexual experience.

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