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We want to bring something new and fun to the web. Sex is about enjoyment and too often it is portrayed as wrong or dirty. Well we're here to change all that!! Sex is a wonderful thing and we want to help you experience this by offering the newest and fun products delivered discreetly to your front door.

  • Est 2015 with many plans for the future.
  • We want to try to end the stigma surrounding sex
  • Based in Holland in the wonderful city of Eindhoven
  • Feel free to contact us : info@purple-pleasure-people.com
  • Social links (Twitter, Facebook etc see bottom of page)

    Purple Pleasure People is alleen een Webwinkel,
    afhalen kan alleen op afspraak op ons kantoor adres *.
  • * Kantoor adres:
    Gagelboschplein 447
    5654KW Eindhoven
  • 0623259866